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Click on a location on the map to view our cleanup locations and register for 22nd Annual Spring River Cleanup!

Map Legend

Class III: These locations have a ton of trash and need lots of help! You will be busy all morning!

Class II: These locations typically have plenty of trash, but not as much as a Class III location. You may have a more moderate intensity cleanup.

Class I: These locations still need your care and attention, but the workload may be lighter and less intense.

Volunteer this Earth Day Map PinBring Your Own Boat: Participants bring their own canoes. Registration is required!

Check out this cool animated film reminding us to protect our rivers.


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The Kinnickinic River Watershed has a very bad report card when it comes to conductivity.

Conductivity is a measure of the ability of water to pass an electrical current. Conductivity in streams is naturally affected by geology. Bedrock streams tend to have lower conductivity whereas streams passing through clay soils tend to have higher conductivity.

A conductivity reading of 150-500 µS/cm provides for a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

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Green spaces are important for so many reasons. Our personal health is very much connected to the health of and access to our surrounding natural environment.

"One can always find calm in nature. One can always find comfort and clarity in the company of woods."


How Forests Heal People - A beautiful short about reconnecting with nature. Via Films For Action

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