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Click on a location on the map to view our cleanup locations and register for 22nd Annual Spring River Cleanup!

Map Legend

Class III: These locations have a ton of trash and need lots of help! You will be busy all morning!

Class II: These locations typically have plenty of trash, but not as much as a Class III location. You may have a more moderate intensity cleanup.

Class I: These locations still need your care and attention, but the workload may be lighter and less intense.

Volunteer this Earth Day Map PinBring Your Own Boat: Participants bring their own canoes. Registration is required!

#riversoftheUS ...

The Pedernales River courses 106 miles through the heart of Texas Hill Country all the way to the Colorado River. The Pedernales watershed features a high level of biodiversity, including species such as the Pedernales River springs salamander and the Guadalupe bass, Texas’ state fish. The diverse habitats across the basin support a variety of species of conservation concern, including canyon mock-orange, swamp rabbit, and breeding populations of federally endangered black-capped vireo and golden cheeked warbler. Photo: DJ Schulte ..... #texas #getouside #betteroutside #rivers

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