Glendale Citizens Take Action Against Milwaukee County’s Policy to Repair Estabrook Dam

July 17th, 2015 On July 13, 2015, 114 Glendale residents petitioned the Glendale Common Council for the removal of the Estabrook Dam. The petition comes on the heels of the Milwaukee County board’s approval of a finance package that changed the County’s policy on the dam from removal to repair. Many Glendale residents have homes […]

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Files Lawsuit Against Milwaukee County Board for Violating Open Meetings Law

June 20, 2015 Milwaukee Riverkeeper has filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee County Board for violating open meeting law during a Committee on Finance, Personnel and Audit meeting held January 29th, 2015, during which certain county supervisors changed the policy surrounding Estabrook Dam from remove to repair without properly notifying a very interested public. There […]

Shorewood Village Supports Removal of Estabrook Dam as Repair Costs Continue to Rise

June 17, 2015 On the night of January 15th, 2015, the Shorewood Village Board voted to support the removal of the Estabrook Dam joining the Milwaukee Common Council and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District who have passed similar resolutions. Shorewood trustees unanimously supported the Board’s resolution urging Milwaukee County and the Wisconsin Department of Natural […]