Business Member Spotlight | June 2017 | Xylem

June 2017 Business Member Spotlight – Xylem & Xylem WatermarksFrom May through October, Milwaukee Riverkeeper uses theXylemproducts YSI 550A and Pro20 Dissolved Oxygen Sensors. Volunteer water monitors and staff use these sensors to measure dissolved oxygen levels, a critical component to the health of aquatic ecosystems, at dozens of stations. We rely on the sensors […]

Show Us Your Trash Contest!

2017 Winners!Thanks to everyone who participated by tagging us, using the #MRKCleanup22 or #ShowUsYourTrash on any one of our social media channels! There were some really great finds this year, but these take the cake in terms of items we’ve never seen before! 1st PlaceBlue Seal Bath Toy 2nd PlacePet Deshedder 3rd PlaceOld Time-y Glass […]