New Report: How MKE Area Power Plants Kill Fish & Damage Our Waterways

August 11, 2011

ValleyPlantMilwaukee, WI - The Sierra Club released a new report today detailing further damage from power plants on southeast Wisconsin communities and their impacts on Lake Michigan and local rivers. In light of the new report, local environmental groups call on the Environmental Protection Agency to set and enforce strong standards to protect the community from the health, environmental, and economic impacts of coal plants.

As detailed in the report titled Giant Fish Blenders: How Power Plants Kill Fish & Damage Our Waterways (And What Can Be Done to Stop Them), it is estimated that billions of fish and other aquatic organisms are killed each year by water-intake systems on outdated power plants, including coalfired
power plants. Water-intake systems suck in water to cool the power plant and then spew boiling water back out into local waterways.

Two of the local culprits include the Edgewater coal plant in Sheboygan, which can suck in up to 407 million gallons of water a day, and the South Oak Creek coal plant in Oak Creek, which can take in upwards of 1.1 billion gallons per day. In addition to affecting water temperature, this process traps, boils and kills fish, eggs, larvae and other aquatic wildlife along the way. For example, conservative estimates show that a million fish are killed every year by the Valley coal plant, not including eggs or larvae.

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