Milwaukee Riverkeeper assists the WI-DNR and EPA in monitoring the aesthetics, or healthy appearance, of the Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern (AOC), which is considered a “hot spot” of pollution in the Great Lakes.

The AOC has 11 “beneficial use impairments” that have been listed by EPA as barriers to our waters being able to fully support aquatic life. One of these impairments is degradation of aesthetics from over 100 years of habitat degradation, industrial use, trash, nuisance algae, etc.

In order to show the EPA and others that we are making progress in improving conditions within the AOC, we are documenting the aesthetics of nine designed sites located on the Milwaukee River, Menomonee River, Kinnickinnic River, and Lake Michigan.

How can I help?

For this monitoring program, volunteers visit 9 designated sites and fill out a simple survey at each. These surveys ask general questions about the overall appearance of each body of water. Volunteers do not have to visit all nine sites. The amount of participation in this program is flexible. Volunteers are welcome to visit as many sites as they choose as often as they choose during the monitoring season.

Aesthetics Monitoring Stations

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a Aesthetics Monitor for the 2017 season, returners and newcomers alike, please click on the button above to sign up. By doing so, you’ll be added to our email list to receive further details about upcoming training sessions and other information. You won’t receive a reply email immediately after signing up. Please note that all brand new 2017 Aesthetics Monitors are required to attend at least one training session.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Water Quality Specialist, Zac Driscoll
(414)-287-0207 x 4