My name is Jenna Baldwin and for the summer of 2016 I spent my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as the Communications Intern for the Milwaukee Riverkeeper. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater studying marketing. I learned about this internship opportunity from a contact that I have and the more I learned about this non-profit organization, the more I wanted to work with them. During my time as the Communications Intern, I have not only enhanced my marketing skills, I have also enhanced my knowledge of the beautiful rivers that we have. I have had the opportunity to attend events held by the Milwaukee Riverkeeper including their annual River Regale and the Milky Moonlight paddle. Both events were spectacular and encouraged me to go out and explore the Milwaukee River Basin and take advantage of the amazing rivers that we have here in Milwaukee. I have enjoyed my time working with Abby Kuranz and Christina Taddy. They have both taught me skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my career. This internship has helped me expand my horizons a little more and step out of my comfort zone at times. I am truly glad that I have had the opportunity to be an intern for the Milwaukee Riverkeeper and will miss the staff as I move on with my college career. I look forward to attending more events held by the Milwaukee Riverkeeper in the future! Thank you Milwaukee Riverkeeper for everything (: