Welcome Level 1 Monitors!

We’re so happy and excited to have you join our 2017 Water Quality Monitoring team! Please follow the steps below to sign up for monitoring stations and the training session.

Step 1: Choose your monitoring stations

The map below shows all the Priority Monitoring Stations for the 2017 season. We understand the majority of the stations are in the northern half of the river basin. If you’re unable to monitor any of these stations due to transportation or time-commitment issues, please check “To be decided” on the form below. A Milwaukee Riverkeeper staff person will contact you to discuss alternative station options. You may monitor as many stations as you wish, but we recommend monitoring 3 or less. It typically takes Level 1 Monitors one hour or more to visit each of their stations on a monthly basis. Once you decide on the stations you’d like to monitor, let’s go to the next step!

Step 2: Sign up for your station and RSVP for Level 1 Training

Fill out the form below as completely as possible. Remember that the Level 1 Training is required. It’s a full day, but it’s lots of fun and great time to get to know your fellow monitors! Please try your best to attend.