Tell the Regional Body and Compact Council to Deny Waukesha’s Application to Divert Great Lakes Water

While citizens like you have already spoken loud and clear on this issue, Waukesha’s application to divert water from Lake Michigan has been deemed “approvable” by the Wisconsin DNR. With this initial approval, the application has moved ahead in the process and its fate now rests with other Great Lakes governors.

But this next step in the process also brings another opportunity to be heard on this important issue. And only one dissenting vote from a Great Lakes governor is needed to keep this diversion from becoming a reality.

While we believe everyone deserves clean, safe water, we have long been opposed to Waukesha’s application as the city has failed on some basic elements outlined in the Compact. For instance, our legal and technical analysis make it clear that Waukesha’s application fails to demonstrate that Waukesha has no other water supply alternatives, when indeed it does. Waukesha is also asking for far more water than it needs, including surrounding communities that have absolutely no need for Great Lakes water, now or in the foreseeable future, in its application. In addition, Waukesha has not done all it can to conserve water, a commonsense, cost-effective requirement of the Great Lakes Compact.

Take action today by asking the Regional Body and Compact Council to deny Waukesha’s application.

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