What is the ‘Developer Grab Bag’?

The ‘Developer Grab Bag’ is a one-two punch against protecting our state waters from development. Our waters depend on government protection on all levels. LRB 3588 and LRB 3936 both take away communities’ power to protect their waters and permit increased development that intensifies flooding and reduces water quality. Developers would hold power over any decisions made regarding our water and our communities, giving private interests priority over public interests. These bills also threaten wetlands and could result in increased flooding for the many to benefit the few.


Oppose LRB 3936: Developer Grab Bag: Developing Lands and Removing Local Control
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose LRB 3936 which is circulating for co-sponsorship.

Citizens rely on their local governments to identify and address public health threats that are unique to their communities and to act as the first line of defense in protecting their air and water quality. LRB 3936 removes counties’ ability to limit polluting industries and removes local control over zoning, opening the door to increased public health threats from frac sand mines, factory farms, and others. It also unfairly incentivizes development over agricultural or conservation easements and shifts property tax burdens onto residential property owners by exempting developers from paying their fair share of taxes for land they own.

Oppose LRB 3588/AB600: Developer Grab Bag: Filling in and Polluting Our Waters
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters urges you to oppose LRB 3588 (now AB600), which is circulating for co-sponsorship.

The waters of Wisconsin belong to all people and the state is tasked with managing those resources for the public good. LRB 3588/AB600 would give away public lake beds to developers for free and restrict public access to those waters. This could affect vast swaths of filled lakebed along Lake Michigan. LRB 3588/AB600 would also give greater incentive to destroy the one million acres of wetlands that are not given federal protections currently, leading to more flooding. This bill also allows manure retention ponds to drain into waterways and wetlands, leading to contaminated water and fish kills.

Take Action Now!

In Wisconsin

These bills are currently circulating in the capitol for co-sponsorship and need to be stopped there.

Our friends at Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters are asking you to urge your legislators to put our natural resources and communities ahead of development from special interests.