What is AB 582?

AB582 was just introduced on December 7th and has already had a hearing at committee. It’s another “give away” to developers at the expense of the rest of us. It would:

o Allow a property owner to “vest” their rights for an entire property under current local zoning by applying for a “related” permit such as a driveway permit or a DNR permit. It’s basically a way to “grandfather” an entire property from future changes in zoning or land use laws.
o Prevent towns from denying a conditional use based on guidelines in the comprehensive plan–this would allow more frac sand mining permits and CAFOs to go in despite local opposition.
o Require towns to have a ¾ majority if amending the zoning to allow less development. This requires unanimity in towns with just 3 supervisors–this is unrealistic and is an example of the State taking away control from local government.
o Eliminates the tax penalty when converting land for development that has been previously taxed at “use value” instead of “full value”. This encourages conversion of lands protected for conservation or agricultural use, and deprives taxpayers of fair compensation for the discounted rate that protected that land.
o Requires all jurisdictions to notify any property owners if their use could be affected by a comprehensive plan or zoning change, without the developer or property owner paying for the notice.

Both the Wisconsin Towns Association and the Wisconsin League of Municipalities are opposing these bills and you should too! See the WTA explanation of the bill here.

Take Action Now!

In Wisconsin

Take action now and tell your state legislators to:

1) Remove the vested rights changes in AB582, which significantly damage local land use oversight and local control.
2) Remove the provision that requires unanimous decision making for small local governments.
3) Eliminate the creation of a developer’s discount and unfair taxation, while preserving the farmland preservation aspects of use value taxation.
4) Don’t change the current law and create more staff expense and mailing expense for already strapped town governments.
5) Don’t limit the ability of a comprehensive plan to guide our future. We worked hard to develop our comprehensive plans.

Contact your legislators and urge them to oppose AB582!
Find your legislators here.