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August 2017 Business Member Spotlight – Yellow Wood

Our August 2017 Business Member Spotlight is shining on Yellow Wood!

Yellow Wood joined as a first-time business member in Spring 2017! Their efforts to create a relationship with their customers and their community aligns with Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s work to connect people to our three rivers and Lake Michigan. We know when people get outside andenjoy our three rivers, they start to care about our three rivers.

That’s why we’re so excited Yellow Wood offers Milwaukee Riverkeeper members a 10% discount on all non-sale items (some exclusions apply-Canada Goose,Garminand GoPro) to Milwaukee Riverkeeper individual members! Having the right gear and equipment to get outside is an important part of enjoying the outdoors and our amazing rivers safely and comfortably!

Thanks, Yellow Wood, for helping us make our three rivers swimmable and fishable for future generations!

Yellow Wood

Yellow Wood was founded on theconcept of providing our community with premiere outdoor gear with a conscience. We strive to create a relationship with our customers and our community do so through philanthropy and community engagement. Our name is carved from the Robert Frost poem, the Road Not Taken. When given the choice, take the pretty way!

Join Yellow Wood and become a Milwaukee Riverkeeper Business Member, today!