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pave drain
pave drain

November 2017 Business Member Spotlight – PaveDrain

PaveDrain joined as a first-time Milwaukee Riverkeeper Business Member in Spring of 2017. Their efforts to reduce stormwater runoff through permeable pavement aligns with Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s goal of creating clean and healthy rivers. The PaveDrain systemis recognized by the USEPA as a structural Best Management Practice (BMP) for stormwater infiltration. The permeable paving surface filters stormwater runoff instead of the runoff leading straight to our rivers, lakes, and estuaries. You can check out some PaveDrain projects outside of the Global Water Center or the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences (shown in the picture) or watch the PaveDrain system in action here.

Thanks, PaveDrain, for helping us achieve swimmable, fishable rivers for future generations.

PaveDrain, LLC

The PaveDrain® system is a patented, permeable paving surface designed with the joints between the blocks left open (i.e. NO ROCK) for an unprecedented infiltration rate. Maintenance is accomplished with conventional street vacuuming equipment. PaveDrain is ADA Compliant, HS-25 Load rated, manufactured throughout the U.S. and is available in colors. It can also be heated through our cable ducts to melt snow or ice AND infiltrate the runoff so that additional liability is reduced.

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