April 16, 2010


Milwaukee Riverkeeper is encouraging our members and anyone interested in preserving the natural remaining area of the County Grounds to come out:

Wauwatosa Public Hearing
Tuesday April 20th, 7:30pm
Wauwatosa City Hall (76th & North ave)

The future of the County Grounds may hinge on the Wauwatosa City Council’s approval of the UWM/Real Estate Foundation Proposal which has been stated “is hypothetical.”

This building plan is based on $0 dollars and the wildlife protections (also hypothetical), the ecosystem assurances, and the integrity of the County Grounds as a whole are on a last-chance road to preservation.

• The proponents of this plan will be there in force, and regard the future of research as most important.

• We can challenge this: The future of the environment is an integral part of their success. We believe urban sprawl counters their discoveries concerning health and science.

• Their research can be accomplished on a fraction of the parcel that they want to purchase.

For more on Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s position on the County Grounds click here.

If you are unable to attend the meeting we encourage people to send your comments to the City of Wauwatosa, tclerk@wauwatosa.net.