Rural uses cover most of the land area in this watershed. Agriculture is dominant, covering about 47 percent of the land area, followed by wetlands (19%), grasslands (16%) and forests (12%). Urban uses cover about three percent of the land area. The City of West Bend and the Villages of Campbellsport, Kewaskum and Newburg are the only incorporated areas in the watershed.

The Milwaukee River East-West Watershed contains about 196 miles of perennial streams. Nearly all the stream miles in this watershed (98%) are partially meeting their biological uses, while two percent of the streams have not been evaluated. Even though general evaluations have been conducted on many of the streams in the watershed, thorough assessments have been conducted on just five percent of total stream miles within the last five years. No streams in this watershed are listed as impaired waters on the state’s 303(d) list. Portions of two rivers (Auburn Lake Creek and East BranchMilwaukee River) totaling six miles in length are considered exceptional resource waters.