September 10, 2010


Wauwatosa is soon to vote on a $12 Million TIF (Tax incremental financing) for the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee’s proposed engineering campus on the Milwaukee County Grounds.

Milwaukee Riverkeeper does not think a TIF is in the best interest of the community or the environment. For more information on the issue and talking points, please read the Riverkeeper’s opinion piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on this issue by clicking here.

The TIF needs to pass through 2 committees, before being voted on at the Common Council. Please consider attending these meetings and/or contacting your Wauwatosa Alderperson (especially if you are a Wauwatosa resident) to advocate for protection of the County Grounds and against a high risk TIF.

Contact info for the Wauwatosa Common Council can be found here:

Upcoming Commitee Meetings:

September 13th, Wauwatosa Plan Commission, Wauwatosa City Hall at 7 PM
September 14th, Wauwatosa Community Development Committee, at 7 PM
September 21st, Wauwatosa Common Council Meeting, at 7 PM

More information can be found at a recent WauwatosaNOW article and also on Eddee Daniel’s Urban Wilderness Blog.