A new bill that is circulating for co-sponsorship (LRB 1446) would severely limit solutions for groundwater protection. LRB 1446 would limit DNR’s ability to regulate groundwater pumping in critical areas of the state by granting ‘forever” permits for high capacity wells. Regular review of permits as conditions change (e.g., due to climate or groundwater drops due to other wells) would be eliminated from DNR’s authority. This bill makes absolutely no sense. Our groundwater and surface water is inextricably connected, and over-pumping of groundwater is affecting our streams, fisheries, wells, and lakes. In addition, high volume water users such as farmers, municipalities, and other businesses also stand to pay the price for this short-sighted legislation because in the end they will lose their source of water for operations. This bill would also take away control from local municipalities that are trying to regulate or zone out water-intensive uses that are causing streams and lakes and water supplies to drop, especially in areas like the Central Sands. Please urge your State Legislators to vote against LRB 1446.