Help Us Change the Course of the Milwaukee River

We’re excited to bring the Milwaukee community TWO opportunities to see an amazing new documentary called Return of the River.

Return of the River tells the story of a remarkable campaign to set a river free, culminating in the largest dam removal in history. It follows a group of strong-minded committed people as they attempt the impossible: to change the public opinion of a town and eventually the nation to bring a dam down. The community comes to a consensus, setting the Elwha River free and showing the way to more sustainable future. Amid grim environmental news, Return of the River is a film infused with hope.

While public opinion overwhelmingly favors removal, a path has been chosen by a few politicians who are not listening to the majority voice of Milwaukee County. This movie will educate you about dams and inspire you to make a change happen here in your hometown.

There is a growing movement in Milwaukee County to remove the Estabrook Dam. Removing the dam is better for our Milwaukee River and better for our Milwaukee community. The 80-year-old dam is currently non-functional, degrades the health of the Milwaukee River, impedes fish movement, and elevates flood risk for homeowners who live upstream of the dam. Join our movement and help us take it down!

You can also learn more and take action by visiting!

TWO Showings Tuesday, March 15

11:00 am:talk back with Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s
Jennifer Bolger Breceda to follow

6:30 pm: talk back with Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s
Cheryl Nenn to follow

Colectivo Coffee – Prospect