ACT NOW: Tell the EPA to Protect People, not Polluters!

It is very important that we take this opportunity to comment on efforts to repeal, replace or modify existing regulatory safeguards spurred by Executive Order 13777.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created, and landmark laws like the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act were passed, to protect people from unchecked pollution and to create a level playing field for industry by establishing minimum standards that have been subject to a rigorous and transparent public input process. As a result, we’ve made great improvement in cleaning up our waterways while also growing the economy. Yet, we still have far to go.

Too many communities – often low-income or communities of color – still lack access to clean water and healthy air. EPA needs to step up its game, not eliminate protections to ensure that all of us- no matter where we live, work, or learn – are protected from risks and have access to clean air and clean water. We can’t afford for EPA to pull back on its mission to protect human health and the environment.


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Dear Administrator Pruitt,

Regulatory safeguards provide a range of environmental benefits and even when we look at economics alone it is clear that the benefits of regulations far outweigh the costs. Weakening or repealing regulations merely reallocates the burdens of pollution from polluters to the public. Clean up costs will be paid by the public in dollars and the impacts will be reflected in lost lives, declining health, decreased property values, increased water treatment costs, degraded fisheries and recreation opportunities, and stifled economic development. Most Americans agree that strong and effective safeguards are not holding us back but instead provide the foundation for access to clean and safe water, land and air for all of us. In many states, these federal safeguards provide a much-needed minimum safety net for communities and waterways.

I urge you to listen to the many people, businesses, states and local governments in the Milwaukee River Basin and nationwide, who have benefited from EPA’s common sense approach to protecting people and the environment and not just to those who wish to shift the burden of their pollution control costs onto the public. EPA’s inquiry should focus instead on how to carry out the mission of the agency to better protect all people equally, and to protect and restore clean communities, rivers and streams in all states.


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