Underwood Creek Power Lines Issue Gaining Attention

November 27, 2012

With hearings planned for this afternoon and this evening (November 27th) to give community members a chance to voice their concerns to the American Transmission Co. (ATC) and the Public Service Commission (PSC), Wauwatosa’s power line project is making the news.  ATC's plan to build new high voltage power lines along Underwood Creek has received pressure from homeowners, local politiciancs, We Energies, and other organizations (including Milwaukee Riverkeeper) to seek an alternative route.  

The concerned parties seek an underground route for the power lines that reduce the effects on neighborhoods and natural resources.  Milwaukee Riverkeeper has highlighted some valuable talking points on this issue and presented maps of the proposed underground routes, which have already been approved by Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, and endorsed by We Energies.  Underground lines better protect the local environment and increase the potential for economic growth in the area, but their higher cost has left ATC hesitant to move forward with what would become a precedent setting project in urban areas.

Right now the PSC is considering all the options for the power line project and a final decision on which route ATC will have to move forward with is expected early next year.  Milwaukee Riverkeeper will be sure to keep people informed on what this decision will mean for Underwood Creek.

Read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's recent article on the Wauwatosa power line project for more details.